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i-Moto is an online motorcycle media & content provider and online classified for motorcycle dealer and motorcycle part and accessories distributor to showcase its products to motorcyclist in Malaysia and to other countries in Asia.

i-Moto is one of its kind online interactive media which provide rich content of new motorcycle reviews as well as used motorcycles for moped to the fastest superbikes. Motorcycle models comparison within its class.

i-Moto.com.my, since its founding in April of 2014, i-Moto has risen to the top of the motorcycle industry, and now counts itself as one of the most influential voices on motorcycling. Covering not only motorcycle news, racing, and rumors, i-Moto counts itself as one of the only sites covering entrepreneurship and business issues inside motorcycling, and classified marketplace website which focus on motorcycle industry.

The founder of i-Moto, is Roger (RC.Moto) formally from Sales of Bike Media, Digital Sales & Editorial of Bike Trader Magazine & Fast Bikes Malaysia Magazine. Roger has a total of 26+ years in riding experience combining road racing skills and road defensive riding and motocross experience.

With i-Moto ‘s diverse commitment to not only covering what happens within the motorcycle industry, but also taking an active role in shaping and being a part of the industry, it shouldn’t be surprising that it is not uncommon to see other industry thought-leaders post a comment on i-Moto, and we count many industry CEO’s as our loyal readers.

We at i-Moto are passionate bikers and have a deep understanding of the motorcycle market and most importantly about the motorcycle itself.

i-Moto is always looking for fresh and intelligent minds who are passionate about motorcyclists that bring unique perspectives to the industry. We hope you join our growing community, and enjoy the site.



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This website and its written and visual content are for marketing purposes only. The riders the video clips & photos are trained professionals or under the direct supervision of trained professionals. i-Moto Media must insist that no one attempt to use the motorcycle or recreate the techniques mentioned or illustrated on this website without first receiving proper hands on training from a professional instructor.

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i-Moto Media Portfolio

i-Moto Media Portfolio

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